Do you need to repair your watch?
    We are sorry to hear about the problem you’re having with your watch, we will do everything we can in order to help you!

    DISCLAIMER: This format is for Mulco customers that live in the US, Puerto Rico or Canada. For repair or warranties in other countries, please visit Repair and Warranty Outside the U.S.A. Should your watch require warranty or non-warranty service, please follow these steps:
    1.- Put your watch or item in a small, well-padded shipping box, no label or marks should be in it. Please send your watch only – do NOT send the original packaging.

    2.- Download our watch repair form (Click here). Fill it and resend it to info@mulcowatches.com (so we can order your part) and print it.

    o Please click on the agreement in order to begin the repair process.
    o The return shipping needs to be paid with the repair service in advance.
    o The billing address must match the billing credit card; the shipping address must be the one where you want to receive your watch.

    In the form, you will find the prices of the services we offer. Even if your watch works perfectly, but you just want to clean it up, we'll be glad to do so!

    3.- Place the Printed Form inside the box with your payment (see repair form for pricing and remember to pay $8.50 in order to receive the watch back to you after the repair), seal the box properly and place the following mailing address to your return box:

    Mulco Watches Inc.
    20161 NE 16th Place, Miami FL 33179

    We will notify you when your package is received and when your repair is in process. You will notified again once your watch is repaired and shipped to you.

    Please Note: We strongly encourage you to send your package certified, insured or through a traceable courier. Mulco Watches is not responsible for lost or stolen packages while they're still in transit to us.

    Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks from the date we receive your package for your watch to go through the repair process.

    Repair Company Policy:
    if the watch falls under our 2-year warranty due to a manufacturing defect, it’ll be repaired and returned/shipped at no charge. If the watch does not fall under warranty, there will be a service rate that is specified in the repair form, return shipping is to be paid also.

    For information about the Mulco warranty, please visit our Warranty Policy.. For any other specific questions, please send us an email to info@mulcowatches.com, we'll be happy to answer!

    Thank You!
    Best Regards, Mulco Watches Inc.