The "Be" Collection Will Bring Out Your Emotions


Mulco has given life to a fantastic concept with the new “Be” Collection, these brand new watches represent four different personality perks:

First, there's the Be Confident, that boasts a sleek, vanguard design that defies modern watch aesthetics.

There's also the Be Sassy, with a more classic but luxurious and sexy look, thanks to its leather band and mother pearls on the case, with a carefree and joyous quote on the dial, visit the Mulco Watches web site to find out what it says!

The Be Zen is, obviously, minimalistic, with a wave pattern design on single color dials.

And last, but not least, we have the Be Original, that mixes a sporty sillicone wristband with some gold and silver watch details, a bold, but ultimately rewarding design choice for the swiss watch company.

These watches come in a wide array of colors, including some rose gold watches that look stunning, they are available now and you can find them at authorized Mulco watch outlets and watch stores and the official website. If you already have one of these watches and need a watch band replacement, you can also go on the website or an authorized retailer to get one.