What’s hot in January 2017


I know, the holidays are over and we must start thinking about the big steps we will take in 2017, your new year’s resolution. For some of my friends, it is very clear but for other, it is another reason to get stressed.

So, I am presenting you 3 tips to help you get through, in some places, cold January.

Wear Transitional Sweaters- Get some color going out of your wardrobe. It is great to lift your day sand spice it up with any of the Mulco from the Gravity Line, you will look Chic and interesting. http://www.mulco.com/watches/gravity

Boots- It doesn’t matter the height; boots give you that sophisticated look. Wear them with jeans, pants and skirts and you will rock your look.

Inspirational message clothing- It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of how unique you are so go out this weekend and get yourself, a shirt, a backpack or a Mulco Be Original and let the accessory speak for yourself. http://www.mulco.com/watches/be