Mini Donna


One of the most stylish women’s watches Mulco has to offer is the Mini Donna, which brings modern flair to classic feminine watch design.

The Mulco Mini Donna comes in 6 colors, which are so varied that having more than one isn’t a bad idea at all! The gold python and silver python straps are some of the best-sellers. It has a long strap that will wrap around the wrist in a unique way, making it look like you have one long bracelet; it looks simply delightful and stylish!

The dial is minimalistic, giving the spotlight to the stylish straps, but they are still lovely, depending on the color, it can be completely white or have light blue pearl accents.

The build is great quality, as usual in every Mulco Product: Mineral crystals and a stainless steel case are present, but the leather the straps are made of truly look and feel premium.

The Mini Donna has water resistance of up to 50 meters, which if fine for this type of watch.

The watch works with Swiss Quartz RONDA 763 movement, ensuring great precision like every Mulco watch does.

The Mulco Mini Donna is a very sleek, fun and playful women’s watch that will always have a place in any woman’s wardrobe, since it complements different types of outfits so well, no wonder it’s a customer favorite.